Limodance is an equal opportunities company so don't think that the men can have all the fun!

Our boys have the physique most men envy and all girls crave! Whilst you’re enjoying the luxury of one of our high quality limousines, don’t think you’ll be getting sub-standard male entertainment: our boys are toned, chiseled and perfect!


Highly trained and eager to provide the best dances in the finest surroundings, our boys won’t hold back. Each and every one of them are highly sought after for hen parties and girls after a great night out, and they all know how to deliver!

Our guys enjoy dressing up for their clients. We have a selection of male dancers ready to perform in the uniform of your choice. Whilst enjoying the highest quality limousines, why not add spice and fun to your evening by customizing the entertainment to suit your tastes? You can choose anything from the American State Trooper or policemen, to the Fireman and the Executive, plus many more.

Or why not get the Doctor to check your pulse - he guarantees to get it racing. Will you be brave enough to put him – and all our other boys – to the test? We at Limodance know that, if you do, they’ll pass with flying colours!